Business outcomes, investment success, and life itself are an intricate blend of chance, readiness, and choice.

Despite our desire for absolute control over our paths, the reality is that numerous factors lie beyond our command. The adage “Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity” holds true, yet seizing remarkable opportunities requires more than just skills and resources—it demands awareness and curiosity.

Consider the story of Dave, an airline pilot who recognized the vulnerability of relying solely on a single profession, industry, and company for his income and lifestyle. Anticipating potential disruptions like technological advancements or industry crises, he realized the need for a backup plan. Unlike many of his peers who found themselves driving Uber during the pandemic, Dave had proactively explored alternatives earlier.


Initially venturing into local real estate investing, Dave faced challenges in cash, credit, and time. However, a turning point occurred when he received an invitation from Vincent Companies to learn more about Direct Participation Real Estate or DPRE. Unfamiliar with the term, he embraced the opportunity, contacted us, and applied the knowledge he gained. Today, Dave holds direct ownership in multiple large apartment buildings as well as a few Senior Living Communities. These investments have provided several advantages for him such as increased wealth, passive income, tax deductions, and true non-correlated diversification from his other investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and REITs.

Was it luck? To some extent, yes. Dave couldn’t predict the initial invitation, but he made choices that positioned him for success. Now, you have a similar opportunity. Maybe you’re already involved with Vincent Companies and this will simply serve as a reminder to research and ask more questions regarding current or future opportunities in the pipeline? However, if you are completely new to this as Dave was at one time, then allow us to formally invite you to contact us and begin your education process on DPRE.

The narrative emphasizes the role of choice, awareness, and proactive decision-making in navigating life’s uncertainties. As Napoleon Hill aptly stated, “All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.” This underscores the importance of vision, actions, and results in shaping our lives.

One of our key goals is to help investors to clarify their mission, vision, and values, which are of course crucial guides for daily activities in work, investing, relationships, and health.

We believe that conscious focus, grounded in self-awareness, safeguards against pursuing the wrong path to success. Without a clear mission, values, and vision, individuals risk succumbing to a monotonous cycle of daily to-do lists. Life is a one-shot opportunity, and we urge people to reflect on how they truly want to live it.

In conclusion, the narrative weaves stories of seizing opportunities, making informed choices, and setting meaningful goals. It encourages investors to have calls and meetings with people who can help you navigate down the path to what you want to achieve. Embrace self-discovery, and commit to a focused, inspired life.

At Vincent Companies, we witness every day how DPRE has the ability to truly be a life-changer, life-improver, and an important element in the journey to an inspired life.

Discover the potential benefits of investing in local apartment buildings, senior living communities, and edge data centers. Build wealth, create income, and add diversification not related to the stock market.