The biggest mistake anyone can make is to squander their most valuable resource. Yet it’s so easy to do.

Imagine you’ve entered an Ironman or Ironwoman style competition … And the reward is health, wealth, happiness, and freedom.

The stakes are huge, but the time is short. There’s no room for wasted motion, false starts, or setbacks.

You know it’s smart to walk the course, plan your attack, learn from others who’ve gone before so you know what works…and what doesn’t.

But you’re so excited! You just take off. You’re confident you’ll figure it out as you go along. The key is to get moving!  So, that’s what you do.

And you crush it!

Clearing one obstacle after another, fighting through fatigue, pushing yourself to the breaking point until you stand triumphant at the finish line…but oh no!

…It was the WRONG course.

Yes, you “won”. But you didn’t win the prize you really wanted.

Because along the way, there were different paths through the course with different prizes, and you inadvertently chose the wrong one.

Sadly, this happens every day for millions of people. Except it’s not an obstacle course. It’s life. And there are no replays. It’s a one-shot deal.

Many people wake up at the end of their life, look back, and are unsatisfied.

They squandered time on the pursuit of trivial matters, while their most important dreams and ambitions are left unaccomplished.

People don’t plan to fail. They simply fail to plan. Sure, it’s cliché. Because it’s true!

So, as you power through the first quarter of the year,isn’t now the best time to make plans to map out a successful 2024?

After all, your investing and business activities should support your personal mission, vision, values, and goals.

They shouldn’t distract you from them.Of course, this presupposes you’re clear about what those things are.

Beyond that, setting defined targets for results that matter most to you is critical. It’s hard to hit a target you can’t see.

As we’ve said countless times on our radio show and podcast over the years, “Hope and luck aren’t strategies.” The antidote to a haphazard existence is clarity of vision, mission, values, and focused plans which drive effective action.

People’s lives, perspectives, and circumstances change, not necessarily their vision, mission, and values.

Just like any long and important journey, it’s critical to take breaks, check your progress, and make adjustments, to be sure you’re on track. The right track!

It’s not hard to do. But it’s also easy not to do, because it seems there’s always so many other things clamoring for your time and attention.

Sometimes, it’s smart to slow down so you can go farther with less wasted motion. Maybe some of that “busyness” is unfruitful?

Only you know whether you’re highly focused, inspired, and on track to build a life, business, and portfolio which is truly personally fulfilling.

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