Ryan Litfin Announces Another Successful Property Launch for Vincent Real Estate

We’ve unveiled the successful groundbreaking of Urbana Place Senior Living. The property location is at the corners of new Hwy 610 corridor and Zane in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Vincent Real Estate is a fully integrated, real estate division of Vincent Asset & Vincent Private Wealth, involved in the acquisition and development of senior-living communities, multi-family apartment complexes, and commercial properties. The company seeks to invest in real estate that offers value-added opportunities such as cash flow, appreciation potential, and tax advantages.

I enjoy bringing these much-needed components to communities. We believe communities do better when properties like these are brought in to help sustain their viability and demands. In the United States, an estimated that 10,000 baby-boomers turn 70 1/2 every day for the next 17 years. That’s a powerful trend!

Ryan Litfin, Founding Partner

Contact Us: info@vincentre.com or (612) 424-8650

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