Ryan Litfin is pleased to announce the first stage lot closing with M/I Homes regarding the much-anticipated Direct Participation Real Estate (DPRE)property located in Carver, MN.

Completion of Phase 1A includes all the upgrades required by the city to Spring Creek Drive that fronts this development. All small utilities are complete for this phase, which provides electricity, natural gas, telephone and internet services. In August, M/I Homes closed on two Villa lots to construct their Model Home and parking lot; the total sale price was $249,000. The Model will be complete by the end of the month.

All paving is intact for Phase 1B which completes Phase 1 in its entirety. At this time we are waiting for the small utilities to be installed and complete by the end of this month. Earlier this month, M/I Homes closed on 12 single family lots and 25 Villa lots for a total of 37 lots with gross proceeds of $3,114,800. M/I Homes has another scheduled closing coming up in May of 2019 for six single family lots and 16 Villa lots for a total of 22 lots with gross proceeds of $1,903,337.

Ryan Litfin, Founding Partner

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